Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My first week with the iPad2

Six days ago I was in the Best Buy store with my husband looking at televisions. When we'd picked out the one we were going to buy he turned to me and said, "while we're here, you need to buy your iPad."

I wanted to argue with him, tell him it was too soon, that we'd already dropped a lot of money on the television and that I could wait. Instead I just said okay and he asked the salesperson if they had one in stock "the biggest one they sell" is what he asked for. She said they only had one left and asked if we'd like to put it on hold and pick it up the next day or Saturday so we could get it tax free because it was included in the tax free weekend. We agreed, put down a deposit and went home.

I'm still amazed that I let it be that simple. I've wanted an iPad for a very long time. It's not that my iPod touch isn't wonderful. I love it... seriously. The iPad is oh so much more, though. The bigger screen making everything so much easier to see is just the tip of the iceberg.

I picked up my iPad on Friday, August 5th. In the 5 days since then I have done the following (in no particular order):
- downloaded the HD versions of my favorite games *cough* Angry Birds.. all of them *cough*
- read my first ebook "Heaven Is For Real" by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent (absolutely amazing read)
- added all of my iTunes library to it
- listened to music while I work (in fairness, I normally do this all the time with the iPod touch)
- surfed the internet for Harley accessories with my husband.. in BED!! (also checked my email, updated facebook and posted on geekpreserve... but you know, I don't want to overshare here)
- organized all of my games and other apps
- created an event on the calendar for our son's 21st birthday

That doesn't seem like a lot I guess but it's been a wonderful experience. Things are super simple on the iPad. I get how it works and don't have to spend a lot of time trying to find what I'm looking for. I'm not sure if that's because I was already familiar with the iPod touch or not but it's really great to be able to turn on a device and know where the thing I'm looking for is.

Reading a book was better than I expected. I still love to hold a book in my hands when I read but that's just me. I guess I just like the way the paper feels in my hands. I don't really know.

The only hurdle for me with the iPad is the price. I've had this issue with Apple for a long time and I suppose it's really not their fault. When you can buy a PC package for $500 and it serves the purpose you intended it to, it's hard to justify spending at least twice that for the same purpose. Especially when you are providing computers for four and at one time six people to be using in your home. It's not that I didn't know the power that Apple delivered or the quality, it was simply the price. I couldn't justify it. Hell, even today holding my iPad in my hands I was feeling guilty because I "could" have just bought a Touchpad, a Kindle or a Nook and saved a ton of money (though they wouldn't have provided everything I have in my hands now). On this side of that purchase, I have no regrets. I absolutely love my iPad2... immensely.

It's still my first week with it and I haven't really used even a third of the features it offers. I'm in awe of how awesome human beings can be when they work to create something like this. It's truly amazing to hold such a small piece of technology in your hands and then realize you have the world at your fingertips. You just have to reach out for it.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dear CBS, I heart you for hosting The Talk

I'll admit it, I adore the daytime talkshow The Talk. Every time I watch it I feel like I'm hanging out with my best girlfriends.

Ladies, if you're not watching this show, they post links on facebook of their clips and today there's a link to watch yesterday's episode. Get watching!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Food for thought...

My friend Jerry was talking about negative emotions during a session on fear and faith. He said that early on he heard the following and while he fought to prove it wrong, he couldn't. It's stuck with me for 3 days now and I figured it was time to write it down somewhere so I'd remember it.

When you have negative emotions, they can be categorized into one of three categories for their cause.

1 – You are trying to control something or someone that you shouldn’t be

2 – You are trying to be accepted by someone or something

3 – Your security is being threatened by someone or something

There are three questions to work through when this happens to rid you of the negative emotion.

1 – If you could let it go right now, would you?

2 – If not, when?

3 – Why not now?

Interesting, huh?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It occurs to me...

So today I'm sitting here perusing craigslist in the hopes of finding some bookshelves for the jewelry/soldering area upstairs. I'd love to buy new stuff from Ikea but the cheapskate in me insists that I must at least look through the forest that is craigslist these days.

As I'm doing this I start to think about all of the things we've bought from there to furnish our home. Then I thought maybe it would be fun to make a list. So here goes:

-Dining room
-- Cool handmade oak corner shelf that holds several things that are precious to me... each of them handmade

--Table and 6 chairs - 2 of them with arms (cost me $125 and came with 2 leaves too!) We use it all the time and since it was a craigslist buy it's also served as the craft/project table instead of the kids using the dining room table.
--Media cabinet - we bought 2 of these and they are absolutely perfect. The one in the kitchen holds all of my cookbooks, a couple of Kev's thermoses, lots of printed recipes, the recipe box and it has the small tv on it.

-Upstairs bedrooms
--oak bookcase (holds all kinds of "stuff" plus the tv in youngest daughter's room), oak entertainment center (holds the tv in oldest daughter's room), 3 drawer handmade oak dresser (holds all of my beading supplies in the bonus room)

-Master bedroom
--armoire, nightstands, dresser with mirror, oak bookcase
--the bed was bought on ebay so not a craigslist find but still an amazing deal
--All of the bedroom pieces except for the bookcase are a matching set but were each bought separately on craigslist (and ebay) over a period of 5 years. I love that!
--Media cabinet - holds the networked printer, dvd player, cable box, modem, basket for bills and all of our printer papers and envelopes stored neatly behind a door in the bottom of it

So there's my list. What have you bought on craigslist?

Monday, September 6, 2010

What it is... and isn't..

Anxiety, depression, anger... mostly just gloomy. Had an argument that's not resolved, a life that's probably about to change and apparently ignoring it's in the air works better than talking. Sweet.

Put on a pretty face and make nice with the family coming into town today. Got it. Everything's just fine.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And so the road goes on...

I wish I could say the burdens have all been lifted and that we're strolling along on easy street but as you all know, life isn't really that way.

I attended a counseling session with Kev last week and while it wasn't a walk in the park, it was still worthwhile and hopefully he'll continue to keep those appointments.

Sometimes I feel like that woman on the Ya-Yas ... like I'm about to drop my basket.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


So life's taking us through a valley lately and seeing this video today made me wish for life in a small town. Yes, I know they can be stifling at times and having everyone know you might not always be the best idea. However, I'd love to live in a place with wide open spaces and long, lazy nights spent in the backyard around a fire watching the lightning bugs.

I'd love to be able to give my husband a place where the faces are familiar and he feels accepted just as he is. Somewhere he feels safe. He's struggling today and I've been close to tears several times because there isn't anything I can do but stay by his side and continue to give him the love and understanding we promised each other eight and a half years ago.

I realize that changing our location won't fix the places that hurt him but today, I wish it was that simple.